You can set permissions to let other people schedule meetings on your behalf as well, which is ideally suited for organizations. Rebecca Lee Armstrong has more than six years of experience writing about tech and the internet, with a specialty in hands-on testing. Her work has also been featured on Top Ten Reviews, MacSources, Windows Central, Android Central, Best Company, TechnoFAQ, and iMore.

  • Zoom offers promotional codes from time to time that provides users with discounts and savings.
  • First, go to and log in with your company ID and password.
  • Quoted prices do not cover additional add-ons – such as webinar facilities, large meetings and additional cloud recording storage – which will bump up the price.

Apps may not work if you uninstall Google Play services. Other APIs include Google Wallet Instant Buy, as well as authentication methods for Google Analytics. With these running on your device, you can make purchases of goods and services quickly and seamlessly. The Fused Location Provider collects geographical information and recognizes certain activity and allows other applications to adapt to your actions.


However, the other devices cannot access these hosts. On macOS, a keychain authentication prompt may appear after the VPN connection is initiated. The prompt only occurs when access to a client certificate private key is necessary, after a client certificate request from the secure gateway. If your wired or wireless network settings Zoom or specific SSIDs are pushed from a Windows group policy, they can conflict with the proper operation of the Network Access Manager.

AURVideo Contact Sheet — Bash script meant to create video contact sheets of videos. Any video supported by mplayer and ffmpeg can be used. AURSubtitle Composer — Subtitle editor for KDE supporting various formats, features different player backends, able to display wave form. QWinFF — Qt5 GUI for FFmpeg that can read audio and video files in various formats and convert them into other formats. YUView — Qt-based YUV player with an advanced analytic toolset.

# MiniTool Video Converter

In order to avail the services, you are required to recharge your membership with the credits that are automatically deducted from your Happy Scribe account every time you transcribe Zoom audio. The Auto-Recharge feature that the vendor offers automatically recharges your account with your pre-defined amount as soon as it detects that your credit balance is below 30-minutes of transcription. With decent star-rating, Happy Scribe is another online transcription tool that enables you to transcribe Zoom meeting within a couple of minutes. At the time of this writing, the web app charges €12.00 for every 60-minute audio that it transcribes. Zoom is capable of recording your meetings and conferences, and storing them onto its Cloud server from where they can be obtained and manipulated as needed.


Next, go to Meetings and click the Schedule A Meeting button in the menu. Enter your Zoom email and password or tap to sign in with SSO, Google, or Facebook. If you use SSO, Google, or Facebook you may be prompted to confirm your account and your birthday.